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Enchanted Invocation for solo percussion (2021)

For solo percussion playing vibraphone and 5 crotales

First performance in May 2021 by John Corkill as presented by Miller Theatre in New York City
Commissioned by Miller Theatre at Columbia University
Duration: 3'30"

To be performed with dancers when feasible.

John Corkill performs ENCHANTED INVOCATION for vibraphone and 5 crotales

Program Note

Commissioned by Miller Theatre at Columbia University, ENCHANTED INVOCATION is dedicated with admiration and gratitude to John Corkhill, Melissa K. Smey, and Miller Theatre. The world premiere took place in May 2021 as part of Miller Theatre’s MISSION COMMISSION podcast series performed by John Corkhill, whose masterly skill, virtuosity, and finesse are world-class.

Selected Reviews

M.L. Rantala, Classical Music Critic, Hyde Park Herald, April 19, 2022 HEADLINE: The bells toll for thee: New music by Augusta Read Thomas
“There are two works on the CD for solo percussionists, both performed by John Corkhill, a member of the Grossman Ensemble. For “Enchanted Invocation” Corkhill creates a mysterious mood, this time on the vibraphone. The music is very slow and yet has a pull to it. There are long notes that seem to hum for an unusually long time, adding to the enchanting effect.”

Hannah Edgar, Chicago Tribune, May 27, 2021 “Enchanted Invocation is more enigmatic, even unsettled. Enchanted Invocation remains sparse, its searching notes on vibraphone sustained so that mallet strikes overlap in vibrantly colored eddies. Every once in a while, ascending passages stretch heavenward before halting with...crotale hits. Like Icarus, it is as though this music cannot go too high before bowing to its own limitations.”


John Corkill, percussion.

Miller Theatre at Columbia University.
MAP OF FORM as drawn by the composer



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