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Laetitia's Caprice (2023)

Fanfare for solo soprano saxophone

First performance: Phil Pierick, soprano saxophone, at the 2023 International Saxophone Symposium, hosted by the United States Navy Band. George Mason University, 14 January 2023
Duration: 3'

Audio recording is available for archival purposes only and for private listening. If you would like to review the recording please contact Augusta.

Program Note

Laetitia, deriving from the root word lætitia, (Latin), meaning "happy," "glad," "jubilation," "prosperous," or "abounding," was a minor Roman goddess of fertility. Her name was used to mean happiness with prosperity and abundance. She is usually shown with greenery to depict the abundance of seasonal decorations that many sites would include. Wreaths of flowers or leaves are commonly worn at festivals or holy rituals, similarly Laetitia would be shown wearing a garland to mean celebration. She was sometimes depicted on Roman coinage with an anchor, as a representation of stability, or, like Fortuna, a ship's rudder symbolizing her guiding one to good fortune or prosperity.” (This text is quoted from Wikipedia.)

I want to express my deep appreciation to Phil Pierick for his vision, talent, generosity, and exemplary collaboration. LAETITIA’S CAPRICE for solo soprano saxophone is dedicated with admiration and gratitude to Phil Pierick.

This work is a reimagining of Euterpe's Caprice for solo flute.

— Augusta Read Thomas


Phil Pierick. Photo credit Angelo Merendino

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