"The reason I compose music is to express gratitude." — Augusta Read Thomas


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Compositions composed before November 15, 2015 are published by G. Schirmer, Inc. of Music Sales Classical.

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Rights for Film and TV:
To license any of Augusta Read Thomas’ pre-existing music for any synchronization please email: and

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Rights for dance and other staged works:
For all music please contact Iris Torres at G. Schirmer, Inc.



"Although highly notated, precise, carefully structured, soundly proportioned, and while musicians are elegantly working from a nuanced, specific text, I like my music to have the feeling that it is organically being self-propelled - on the spot.  As if we listeners are overhearing a captured improvisation."

"My music, which is organic and, at every level, concerned with transformations and connections, should be played so that the inner life of the different rhythmic, timbral and pitch syntaxes are made explicit and are then organically allied to one another with characterized phrasing of rhythm, color, harmony, counterpoint, tempo, keeping it alive — continuously sounding spontaneous."

"All of this, hopefully, working toward the fundamental goal: to compose a work in which every musical parameter is allied in one holistic gestalt."
— Augusta Read Thomas