Absolute Ocean
Astral Canticle
Canticle Weaving
Cello Concerto #2: Ritual Incantations
Cello Concerto #3: Legend of the Phoenix
Chanting to Paradise
Credences of Summer
Daylight Divine
Earth Echoes
EOS (Goddess of the Dawn)
Gathering Paradise
Helios Choros
Hemke Concerto "Prisms of Light"
In My Sky at Twilight
Light the First Light of Evening
Meditation: Trombone Concerto
Of Paradise and Light
Orbital Beacons: Concerto for Orchestra
Prayer and Celebration
Prayer Bells
Radiant Circles
Ring Out, Wild Bells, to the Wild Sky
Silver Chants the Litanies
Sunlight Echoes
Terpsichore's Dream
Violin Concerto #1: Spirit Musings
Violin Concerto #2: Carillon Sky
Violin Concerto #3: Juggler in Paradise
Words of the Sea

Dance and Ballet

Dancing Helix Rituals
Helios Choros
Terpsichore's Dream

Chamber Music

...A Circle Around the Sun...
Bassoon Concertino
Bells Ring Summer
Bubble: Rainbow (spirit level)
Cantos for Slava
Cantos for Slava (version 2: alt. mvmt. order)
Capricious Toccata
Carillon Sky - Violin Concerto #2
Carillon Sky - version for alto saxophone
Chant for Cello and Piano
Dancing Helix Rituals
Dream Catcher (for solo violin)
Eagle at Sunrise
Euterpe's Caprice
Fugitive Star
Helix Spirals
Jeu D'Esprit
Love Twitters
Mansueto Tribute, "double helix"
Memory: Swells
Murmurs in the Mist of Memory
Of Being is a Bird
Passion Prayers
Piano Etudes
Pilgrim Soul
Prayer and Celebration
Resounding Earth
Rise Chanting
Rumi Settings
Silent Moon
Spring Song
Starlight Ribbons
Sun Threads
Toft Serenade
Twilight Butterfly


Chanting to Paradise
Daylight Divine
Four Basho Settings
Juggler of Day
Love Songs
Midsummer Blaze ALLELUIA
Purple Syllables
The Rewaking
Ring Out, Wild Bells, to the Wild Sky
The Rub of Love
Two E. E. cummings Songs


Dancing Galaxy
In My Sky at Twilight
Ring Flourish Blaze
Silver Chants the Litanies


Bells Ring Summer
Capricious Toccata
Dream Catcher (for solo violin)
Euterpe's Caprice
Love Twitters
Piano Etudes
Rhea Enchanted
Spring Song
Starlight Ribbons
Venus Enchanted


"Augusta Read Thomas has secured for herself a permanent place in the pantheon of American composers of the 20th and 21st centuries. She is without question one of the best and most important composers that this country has today. Her music has substance and depth and a sense of purpose. She has a lot to say and she knows how to say it — and say it in a way that is intelligent yet appealing and sophisticated yet extremely accessible." — Edward Reichel, Reichel Recommends: The Arts in Utah and Beyond

MSO - Conversations with Composers: Augusta Read Thomas
Augusta Read Thomas shares insights into RADIANT CIRCLES in our latest Conversations with Composers segment.

Big Brains Podcast: Augusta Read Thomas
Big Brains is a new University of Chicago podcast in which some of the pioneering minds from across UChicago discuss their groundbreaking ideas and the stories behind them. This 30 minute long program features Paul M. Rand interviewing the composer, offering a glimpse into the creative process of a world-class composer, the state of classical music today and how Augusta helps train the next generation of composers.


Made in Chicago: Original Sound, Original Voice
from NewMusicBox made for Ear Taxi Festival

Augusta Read Thomas interviews Philip Glass


Boston Symphony Orchestra Interview
An interview with composer Augusta Read Thomas. Her new work, "Helios Choros II (Sun God Dancers)" is performed at Symphony Hall, October 15-20, led by Former BSO assistant conductor Ludovic Morlot. Thomas was composer in- residence with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for many years and also has strong ties to the BSO and Tanglewood. Helios Choros II, the central panel of an orchestral triptych, was co-commissioned by the BSO and the London Symphony Orchestra; the LSO gave the premiere in December 2008.

Part I

Part II


"According to statistics released last year by ASCAP, a performing rights organization, Ms. Thomas topped their list of most frequently performed living composers in 2013-14." — Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim, The New York Times

"a true virtuoso composer"
— The New Yorker, October 2012

Augusta Read Thomas on the cover of NewMusicBox
Augusta Read Thomas graces the cover of American Music Center's web magazine, NewMusicBox. The article, entitled "Perfect Clarity," features an interview with the composer and Molly Sheridan at the American Academy of Arts and Letters. It can be read and viewed here:
"Augusta Read Thomas: Perfect Clarity"
In conversation with Molly Sheridan at the American Academy of Arts and Letters. New York, New York (May 18, 2010—3:00 p.m.


WFMT Composer Spotlight: Augusta Read Thomas
Click the player link below to listen to an April 11, 2015 interview with Augusta Read Thomas on WFMT (Chicago). The hour-long program features Seth Boustead interviewing the composer, as well as excerpts from several of her compositions.


"Of Paradise and Light" : Composer and Her Work

Interview made by the Lincoln Academy of Illinois 2014

start at 29’44” and ends at the end of the video



"Bliss out to Ms. Thomas's transfixing shimmer" — The New York Times

Augusta Read Thomas talks about composition

Augusta Read Thomas's acceptance speech for the Order of Lincoln Award.


Utah Symphony World Premiere: EOS Goddess of the Dawn (A Ballet for Orchestra) by Augusta Read Thomas. Thierry Fischer, Music Director/Utah Symphony Orchestra

Aaron Helgeson: the 2017/2018 postdoctoral fellow


Augusta Read Thomas talks in 2017 about composition, the University of Chicago, her hand-drawn maps of the form of her works, and about creative life in general.


Music Video

"The periodic accumulation of sustained clouds of dissonance made for one of the most powerful new music experiences I've felt in years." — Chicago Classical Review

Augusta Read Thomas: Alleluia (Midsummer Blaze) for chorus
University of Louisville Cardinal Singers, Kentucky, sung from memory.

Augusta Read Thomas: SUN THREADS
The Argus Quartet


Augusta Read Thomas: CHI for string quartet (four movements)
The Argus Quartet

Augusta Read Thomas: SIX ETUDES
Mari Kawamura, piano


Augusta Read Thomas: Euterpe
Eftihia Arkoudis, flute, as Muse Euterpe Alexander Merandi as God Apollo
Choreography by Eftihia Arkoudis

Hemke Concerto - "Prisms of Light" (wind ensemble version)



Curtis 2021 Ensemble - Augusta Read Thomas: Capricci (Hummingbird Romance) Calvin Mayman, flute; Yan Liu, clarinet

Curtis 2021 Ensemble - Augusta Read Thomas: Mansueto Tribute (Double Helix) Emily Shehi, violin; Erika Gray, viola


Curtis 2021 Ensemble - Augusta Read Thomas: Scat, Calvin Mayman, flute; Yan Liu, clarinet; Karisa Chiu, violin; Andres Sanchez, cello; Zach Hoi Leong Cheong, piano


Curtis 2021 Ensemble - Augusta Read Thomas: Loci: Memory Palace from Helix Spirals, Claire Bourg, violin; Takumi Taguchi, violin; Grace Takeda, viola; John Lee, cello


Curtis 2021 Ensemble - Augusta Read Thomas: Triple Marionette, from Klee Musings, Karisa Chiu, violin; Andres Sanchez, cello; Michael Davidman, piano


Curtis 2021 Ensemble - Augusta Read Thomas: Plea for Peace, Sophia Hunt, soprano; Claire Bourg, violin; Takumi Taguchi, violin; Grace Takeda, viola; John Lee, cello


Curtis 2021 Ensemble - Augusta Read Thomas: Selene: Moon Chariot Rituals, Vera Quartet; Zubin Hathi, Sijia Huang, Yoonseo Kang, Hanna Kim, percussion; Don Liuzzi, conductor