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Title/Year Instrumentation Duration Notes
Chanting to Paradise (2002) for solo soprano, SATB chorus and orchestra 18' or 5’30” see also Orchestral Works
Movement #3: Blazing in Gold and quenching in Purple can be performed as a stand-alone composition of 5’30”
Dappled Things (2015) for TTBB choir 5' also two versions for SSAA choir
Daylight Divine (2001) for solo soprano, childrens chorus and chamber orchestra 20' see also Orchestral Works
Far Past War (2020) For SATB chorus and orchestra 11' Texts by Cammy Thomas. See also Orchestral Works
Final Soliloquy of the Interior Paramour (2004) for small ensemble and mezzo-soprano and counter-tenor 8' note: a small amount of humming and vocalizing is required from 50% of the players. these vocal parts require only an amateur level voice and singing skills
see also Chamber Music
Flash (2011) for SATB chorus and orchestra 7' see also Orchestral Works
Floating Temples (2011) for SATB chorus and orchestra 24' see also Orchestral Works
Four Basho Settings (2002) for mixed SSAA youth choir 6-7'
FREEDOM, To Be Free and Sky Bound (2022) For Treble Choir or For Tenor Baritone Choir 7' (Optional 4'20" version) In Memoriam Rosa Parks
Fruit Of My Spirit (2004) for SATB chorus 2'
Gwendolyn Brooks Settings (2020) for Treble Chorus and Orchestra 30' Treble Chorus can be comprised of a mix of adult sopranos, mezzo-sopranos, altos, with youth girl and boy sopranos, mezzo-sopranos, and altos.
!HOPE (2017) for SSSAA choir 5' TTTBB version also available
Juggler of Day (2004) for female chorus (SSAA) 7'
Love Songs (1997) for SATB chorus 15'
Midsummer Blaze ALLELUIA (1996) for SATB chorus 2'
Psalm 91: Verse 11 (1996) for chorus 1'30" for boys and mens chorus or for SATB chorus
Purple Syllables (2004) for SATB chorus 15'  
The Rewaking (2005) for male chorus 5' SATB version also available
Ring Out, Wild Bells, to the Wild Sky (2000) for solo soprano, large chorus and orchestra
*NOTE: The solo soprano part could be sung by a soloist or 1/3 of the soprano section from the chorus.
15' see also Orchestral Works
Roses (2008) for female voices (SSAA) 6'
The Rub of Love (1995) for SATB chorus 2'30"
Song in Sorrow (2000) for solo soprano, large chorus and orchestra 22' see also Orchestral Works
Spells (2013) for SATB chorus 3'30"
Sunlight Echoes (2002) for orchestra 5' see also Works for Chorus
Two E. E. Cummings Songs (2008) for SSAA chorus 8'