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Title/Year Instrumentation Duration Notes
Carnival (Bassoon Concerto) (2022) for bassoon and wind ensemble (26 players); or in version for bassoon and orchestra 23' Solo part can be played by bassoon, baritone saxophone, euphonium or trombone. A 13-minute version exists.
Crackle (2020) for wind ensemble 11'
Dancing Galaxy (2004) for band 9'
Fête - a fanfare (2010) for 6 trumpets and 3 trombones 4'30" see also chamber works
FIESTA! (no chaser!) (2022) for trumpet in C and wind ensemble; or in version for trumpet and orchestra 23' A 13-minute version exists.
Magneticfireflies (2001) for high school band 5'
Plea for Peace (2017) A vocalise for soprano and string quartet.
Band grade 2.5 and grade 3 versions forthcoming.
6' Various size band versions are currently being arranged by the composer.
The vocalise solo line can also be performed by Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Trumpet, Soprano Saxophone, Violin, Viola, Cello, or Countertenor in place of the Soprano. See Chamber Works
May also be performed with string orchestra (no basses).
see also Orchestral Works
Plea for Peace (2017) solo soprano, 2.1+eh.3+bcl.1.4sax(satb)/
solo flute, solo oboe, solo trumpet in C &
6' These two versions were arranged in 2022 by Chris David Westover-Muñoz.
Ring Flourish Blaze (2000) for 16 winds and brass 2'
Illuminations “Fanfare Sinfonia” (2023) for 2 horns, 4 trumpets, 2 trombones, 1 bass trombone, solo timpani, and 3 percussion (very small percussion instrumentation) 10’ (or 3-minute and 45-second version; or 5-minute and 20-second version}
In My Sky at Twilight (2002) solo soprano, picc.1120/2200/2 perc/2 piano (celesta)/harp/str.11110 20' Perfect for sinfonietta-sized ensembles. Requires only 4 string players and is possible for wind ensembles that have access to a string quartet
Selene - Moon Chariot Rituals (2015) 4 percussion and 9 woodwinds (Piccolo, Alto Flute, Flute, Oboe, 2 clarinet, Bassoon, 2 Bass Clarinet) 18' alternate version: octet for percussion quartet and string quartet
another alternate version: it is possible to perform Selene with small string orchestra (instead of string quartet) and 4 percussion
Silver Chants the Litanies, in memoriam Luciano Berio (Horn Concerto) (2004) for solo horn and 18 players
solo horn, picc.1120/2200/2 perc/2 piano (celesta)/harp/str.11110
13' requires only 4 string players and is possible for wind ensembles that have access to a string quartet